Auto Insurance DiscountsSave 15 percent in 15 minutes, supermarket savings, choosing good hands, insurance discounts are constantly being advertised to consumers across the country. How do you know you’re getting the best price?

Saving on car insurance is one of the best ways to tighten your budget when times get tough, and it’s not as hard as you might think. The truth is, many insurers have similar discount programs and most will include safe-driver discounts, vehicle safety discounts, and multiple driver/car discounts. However, with a little more research and initiative, you can take advantage of other available discounts that might not be so widely publicized.

1. Good Student discounts. Frame that report card because it could be worth big bucks. An average B student can save their parents up to 20% on their insurance premium.

2. Mature Driver discounts. Embrace aging, your insurance goes down! With a clean driving record, drivers over 55 or may qualify for additional discounts.

3. Long Term Customer Discount: Some companies will offer discounts to their most loyal customers. If you stick with the same company, as what rewards they offer.

4. Lifestyle discounts. Some companies may offer lifestyle discounts for drivers who stay 100% alcohol and tobacco free.

5. Safety discounts. In addition to the safe driver discounts, many insurance companies will offer discounts for cars that have extended airbags, anti-theft devices, backup assist and other safety equipment.

6. New Car: You may assume that a new car will increase your insurance rates, but that’s not always the case. Some companies provide discounts to families who buy brand new cars right off the lot. Perhaps they’re assuming you’ll be more careful with a shiny new ride.

7. Defensive Driving Course discounts. If you’re looking to save some cash, ask about discounts offered for completing a defensive driving class. In some areas, one class can give you many years of a reduced price.

8. Vehicle discounts. You may get a discount simply because of the car you drive, some companies offer discounts for economy cars, or discounts for hybrids and other fuel-efficient vehicles. If you drive a truck or participate in farm work, there are additional discounts available.

9. Low-Mileage discounts. If you work from home, you might want to talk to you insurer about a low-mileage discount. The average driver travels 12,000 miles per year, if you drive significantly less than that; you may be eligible for discounts.

10. Professional Organization discounts. Are you an alumnus, member of the bar, a teacher, or clergy? Many organizations offer professional discounts exclusive to members.

Oftentimes, taking advantage of deep discounts is as easy as asking. Be sure you to Saving on car insurance to confirm that you are taking advantage of any discounts available. It also might be worth it to ask about upcoming promotions, reward programs or other offers that might not be marketed to the general public.