If you are in the market for a new auto insurance policy or even if you have had the same auto insurance policy for many years, you should be aware of some common insurance discounts that you may be able to take advantage of. Doing so could reduce your insurance costs significantly. Here are the top 10 common car insurance discounts to ask your insurance agent about:

Reducing Your Auto Insurance Rates1. Young drivers with good grades may qualify for a Good Student discount. High school and college-age students who can show proof of a GPA above the requirement (varies with the carrier, but commonly a 3.0 average) can receive a discount for the next insurance period. Some companies sweeten the deal with an additional discount for students on the Honor Roll or Dean’s List.

2. Another discount that applies to high-risk drivers is Driver’s Defensive/Safety Course discount. Typically, students and senior citizens can take a safety driving course which is available at many local police stations, community education sites or high-schools. Some insurers offer this discount to all qualifying drivers, regardless of age. Proof of passing the course provided to your insurance company qualifies you for this discount.

3. If your car is equipped with an effective Anti-Theft Device, you may earn up to 25% discount off your insurance premiums. If you vehicle does not have a pre-installed device, you can add one of several aftermarket devices.

4. Another discount which also applies to your vehicle’s equipment is a Safety Equipment discount which will discount premiums for cars with air bags, anti-lock brakes, daytime running lights, etc.

5. One of the highest grossing discounts—up to 40% with some companies—is the Safe Driving Discount. If you have no citations or accidents for three years or more, you can qualify for this money-saver.

6. Most insurance companies offer a Multi-Car discount which is a great benefit to families with more than one car and driver. A small discount is offered off of each vehicle.

7. Multi-policy (or Bundling) discounts are also popular and reward the customer who has car insurance, life insurance and/or homeowner’s policies with the same company.

8. One less-often utilized discount is the Affiliate Membership discount. Members of large groups such as Costco, AARP or AAA may qualify for this discount.

9. If you have been with your insurance company for many years, you may already qualify for the Valued Customer discount which recognizes your long-term relationship with the company in the form of a discount.

10. Some retirees will be happy to know that many companies offer Retirement Age discounts.

While these are the most common discounts on insurance rates, there are others for which you may qualify. If you’re in the market for a new car, you may be in the running for a New Car insurance discount. Some insurers discount premiums for individuals who drive significantly fewer miles than the average of 15,000 per year. Farmers and ranchers are often given discounts for vehicles used in their work.

While car insurance is required in all fifty United States, discounts can really help the average driver find and maintain affordable coverage on their vehicles. Ask your insurance agent about discounts you may qualify for.