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Medicare Part B Plans: The Basics of Cost, Coverage, and Enrollment

This month, we continue our four part series on the four main parts of Medicare insurance. Each section will focus on one alphabet part to help clear up the coverage, eligibility, cost, and enrollment for that particular Medicare letter.

Last week, out Louisville, KY team focused on Medicare Part A. This week we’ll continue with taking a closer look at Medicare Part B.

What is Part B?

Medicare Part B covers two main areas:

Services and supplies that are medically necessary
Preventative services

Medically necessary services or supplies are those that are needed to diagnose

Medicare Part A Plans: The Basics of Cost, Coverage, and Enrollment

For the most part, the majority of people nearing or over the age of 65 has heard about Medicare Part A. But fewer of these people, understand what Medicare Part A is and what it does.

During our four part Medicare series, our Louisville, KY agents are going to focus on one letter at a time and define its coverage, eligibility, costs, and enrollment requirements. We are going to kick things off from the beginning and dive into Medicare Part A. Here we go!

What is Part A?

Medicare Part A helps pay

Original Medicare vs Medicare Advantage: Which Is The Best Insurance Plan For You

Original Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and the maze of alphabet options can be hard for anyone to understand. It is difficult to get a clear comparison of what benefits each has to offer with the costs associated.

Our Louisville, KY agents will help you focus on choosing between Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage based on six areas: premiums, prescription costs, extra benefits, overall plan costs, co-pays and access to doctors and hospitals.

1. Premiums

Your premium is how much you pay in order for the plan to cover you – this does not include

What Is The Medicare Donut Hole

What Is the Medicare Donut Hole? The Part D Drug Coverage Gap

You may or may not have heard the term “Medicare Donut Hole,” but it is something that is important in understanding how Medicare coverage and Prescription Drug coverage works.

Our Louisville, KY agents are going to give you an easy to understand definition and some examples so you are better prepared when you enter the Medicare Donut Hole.

Donut Hole Definition

The Medicare Donut Hole refers to the hole, or coverage gap, in Medicare Part D prescription benefits. This is one of the most controversial parts of the plan and of concern to

Medicare Part D Plans: The Basics of Cost, Coverage, and Enrollment

If you are taking prescription drugs for your health, then you know how expensive they can get. Without some kind of drug coverage, you may not even be able to afford these important medications.

Prescription Drug Coverage, also called Medicare Part D, can help alleviate some or all of the burden that comes with paying for pricey medications. But not all Part D policies cover the same drugs. So it’s important to know which plans cover which drugs. Talking to a licensed Medicare agent in Louisville, KY can rest assured that

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