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Medicare Part D Plans: The Basics of Cost, Coverage, and Enrollment

If you are taking prescription drugs for your health, then you know how expensive they can get. Without some kind of drug coverage, you may not even be able to afford these important medications.

Prescription Drug Coverage, also called Medicare Part D, can help alleviate some or all of the burden that comes with paying for pricey medications. But not all Part D policies cover the same drugs. So it’s important to know which plans cover which drugs. Talking to a licensed Medicare agent in Louisville, KY can rest assured that

Changing Your Medicare Advantage Plan

Taking care of your health is a critical part of your overall well-being. Having the right health coverage in Louisville, KY, or Medicare insurance for those over 65, will help you get the medical attention you need to stay healthy and active.

If your current Medicare Advantage Plan is not meeting all of your needs or you have too much coverage for your current state of health, then it may be a smart decision to change your policy. This will ensure you have exactly what you need at a price you

Medicare Annual Enrollment Period: Dates & Deadlines You Need to Know

As if figuring out which type of Medicare Plan wasn’t confusing enough, now you realize you need to make changes or swap plans. When can you do this?

Different types of Medicare plans have different open enrollment windows based on the specific characteristics of that plan and the needs of those eligible for that plan.

Don’t worry about trying to figure it out for yourself. The independent agents at Braden Insurance in Louisville, KY have the answers to when the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period is and everything you need to know surrounding

Home Insurance 101 for First Time Home Buyers

Home Insurance 101 for First Time Home Buyers

Boxes? Check.

Packing Tape? Check

Moving Van? Check

Homeowner’s insurance quotes and policy review? Huh?

Buying your first home can be the most exciting and terrifying move of your adult life. Packing boxes and picking out furnishings is only the beginning. A new home represents a major investment in your family and your future.

If you’ve been renting a home and are ready to buy, homeowner’s insurance may seem a bit overwhelming. Renter’s insurance is often cut and dry, but how can you possibly purchase one insurance policy to protect your home and everything (and

Insuring the Help

Insuring the Help

Whether you have the occasional household cleaning, or live-in home help, it is important to ensure that your hired household help is as protected as you are. The type of coverage depends on the nature of the employee.

Types of Home Help

There are several different types of household help that you may choose to hire, or may currently have working in your home. If you need nursing care, you have a registered nurse come to your home daily for home healthcare.

If you are recovering from a recent surgery or accident, you

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