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Renters Insurance FAQ

Renters Insurance FAQ

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, burglary is nearly 80% more common among rentals such as apartment, condos, and rental homes. Still, less than half of renters carry adequate renters insurance. Generally, most renters believe that it is the landlord’s responsibility to provide adequate protection for the tenants.

This is not the case and for the millions of individuals and families who are renting an apartment or condo, they are left at high risk of loss. Understanding the basics of renter’s insurance can help renters to protect themselves.

Storm Insurance Tips to Protect Your Home

Storm Insurance Tips to Protect Your Home

When Mother Nature rears her ugly head, violent storms can tear apart homes, families, and neighborhoods. Being the victim of a violent storm can be a terrifying experience. From hurricanes, torrential rain, wind, or hail, violent storms can occur anytime at nearly anywhere in the country.

Without adequate coverage, storm damage can leave you with no way to pay for repairs to your home. Unfortunately for many, this means they are still making mortgage payments on a destroyed home. To avoid this situation, it is crucial to carry adequate

Benefits Of A Term Life Insurance Policy

Benefits of a Term Life Insurance Policy

There are two main types of life insurance: term and whole life. For many individuals, navigating the waters between these two types of policies can be confusing. Each type has very unique advantages and disadvantages.

Term v. Whole

A term life insurance allows you to choose the amount of coverage and the length of the policy. You pay your premiums and your survivors receive the payout if you pass away while covered. Whole, or permanent life insurance combines an investment product with life insurance, allowing you to receive a

9 Things Home Insurance Doesn’t Cover

9 Things Home Insurance Doesn’t Cover

Sometimes knowing what is not included in your policy is just as important as knowing what is included in your policy. Experts in the insurance industry recommend evaluating your homeowner’s insurance policy at least once a year, but between the fine print and tiny typeface, it can be difficult to truly see what is covered, and more importantly, what is not. The sheer length of many insurance policies may fool you into thinking that you are covered. After all, a dozen or more pages of coverage ought to cover

Business Property Insurance 101


Every business has property. Even if you work from home, you most likely use a computer, printer, and office desk or table. Whether you are working out of your basement, or you have an industrial factory and warehouse, where you do business matters. Protecting the equipment, inventory, and the walls that surround your business is crucial.

When disaster strikes, many individuals worry about their home and their family. But what about your business and your employees? Most families take adequate steps to protect their home, but few provide adequate

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