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When starting a new business, there is no question of whether or not you need coverage. A brand new business is vulnerable to a mountain of liability and protecting your life savings, your dream, and your passion is not debatable. Every entrepreneur needs some form of small business insurance, but most new CEO’s are working to pinch pennies, stretch every dollar, and get their business of the ground.

At the end of the day, there is generally not a lot left in the budget for a large insurance policy.

Remodeling Your Policy


An update to your home often means updating your insurance policy to match your new space. Weekend warriors are often eager to remodel the kitchen or renovate a bathroom, but forget that those new stainless steel appliances require higher insurance coverage, and that jetted tub needs to be included in the policy as well.

Before Demolition

Prior to making any renovations, it is always recommended to contact your local insurance agent and inform them of your plans. Of course, this is not to ask permission, but merely get advice,

The Importance of Motorcycle Insurance

The Importance of Motorcycle Insurance

Because of the inherent risks that come with driving a motorcycle, insurance coverage should be a no-brainer. Unfortunately, for many bikers, insurance is left by the wayside resulting in devastating consequences.

Here are a few of the startling statistics that make it easy to see why motorcycle insurance is crucial, even for seasonal or occasional riders:

1. Rates of Death: The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that 4,798 motorcyclists died in crashes in 2006.

2. Rates of Injury: The National Safety Council estimates a motorcycle accident that causes

Theft Protection with Comprehensive Motorcycle Insurance

If you prefer riding on two wheels instead of four, and enjoy feeling the sun on your face and the wind in your hair, you might want to double check your insurance policy.

The rate of motorcyclists on the roads is increasing each year. Some prefer the commute on a motorcycle as an enjoyable alternative to a car. Other want to save money on gas and so they opt to drive a motorcycle or scooter around town. Many enjoy avoiding traffic and spotting easy parking. With motorcycles becoming more

Five Ways To Save On Prescription Drug Costs

Five Ways to Save on Prescription Drug Costs

Nearly every American will need a prescription at some point in their lives. From a simple antibiotic to a heavy regimen of Chemotherapy drugs, prescriptions are the name of the game. These prescriptions are crucial to the caring and curing of disease. A doctor who offers a prescription is offering a solution, an option, a method of relief or solution.

Unfortunately, fewer people are able to afford their medication because of the rising costs of healthcare. In fact, a study by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that 29% of

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