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The Three C’s of Preventative Care

The Three C’s of Preventative Care

Every year, millions of Americans brush off the consideration of going to the doctor and instead opt for the “if-it-ain’t-broke-don’t-fix-it” approach. By choosing to skip routine exams, many individuals stack up higher health care bills later and face sometimes life-threatening illnesses lurking silently within. Even if you feel fine, have no complaints, and no concerns, preventative maintenance is just as important to the human body as a routine oil change is for your car. The adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is not just

The True Cost of Home Replacement

The True Cost of Home Replacement

If you had to create an exact replica of your home today, do you know how much it would cost? Perhaps you built your home several years ago and property values have doubled in your area. No doubt the prices of labor and materials have increased since the original purchase. If you insured your home for the original purchase price, chances are, it is not enough.

Many home insurance policies include a home replacement cost coverage that is similar to the amount on the mortgage. Mortgage lenders require homeowners

Finding Affordable Health Insurance The Cost of Being Uninsured

Finding Affordable Health Insurance: The Cost of Being Uninsured

In today’s world with the ever-increasing cost of insurance, the decrease in coverage and the countless hoops, red tape, requirements, and limits, some may ask if insurance is even worth it. Sure, you may be relatively healthy and require little or no medical care throughout the year, but even one major illness, accident, or hospital stay can put you into financial bankruptcy.

Scenario #1: Your wife calls and says she is not feeling well, she feels faint, her hands and arms feel tingly and numb at times and she

5 Ways to Save on Motorcycle Insurance

5 Ways to Save on Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycles are becoming a more common part of the daily commute for many drivers. When the weather is right, motorcycles provide an alternative and more gas-efficient option than the typical sedan. Motorcycles also cut commute times down because of their ability to utilize the carpool or commuter lanes and park in small spaces.

Upon purchasing a motorcycle, it is important to be sure you maintain adequate motorcycle insurance. Because a motorcycle is cheaper to operate and cheaper to maintain than a vehicle, it is also cheaper to insure. However,

Medicare And Health Insurance What Is Covered

Medicare and Health Insurance: What is Covered

Medicare is a federal health insurance program for people aged 65 or older. The purpose of Medicare is to provide a low-cost option for health insurance to those retirees who are no longer covered under an employer’s insurance plan. The Social Security Administration handles Medicare health insurance eligibility and enrollment.

Medicare covers a wide range of medical necessities including hospital stays, routine exams, medications, etc. However, it does not cover everything. Long-term care services, private nursing care, dental and vision care and cosmetic surgery are just a few of

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