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The Real Cost of a DUI

The Real Cost of a DUI

There is no excuse for driving while intoxicated. It is illegal, dangerous, and a felony in most states. Driving while intoxicated impairs your perception, your reaction times, and your judgment on the road. This activity is a recipe for disaster, and yet is still all too common. In addition to the risks associated with a DUI, it is an expensive choice.

The Cost of a DUI

For many Americans, driving makes it possible to go to work, school, the grocery store, bank, etc. While there may be some public

Commercial Auto Insurance Coverage

Commercial Auto Insurance Coverage

If you own a small floral shop run out of your home, you may purchase a van to make deliveries. If your wife started selling cakes, you may help her out by using a small vehicle especially for selling orders. Small business owners from bakers to mechanics often use their own vehicles for business use without blinking an eye. But what happens when you get in an accident on your way to a delivery? Or you dent your door in the parking lot of a client or customer. Small business

Who Pays Less For Car Insurance

Do Women Pay Less Than Men For Car Insurance?

It might be a man’s world, but in the world of insurance, women seem to have an additional benefit. According to a national survey conducted online by InsWeb, the median car insurance rate for women is about 9% lower than the rate for men. The national median rate for women is $698 for a six-month policy. For men, it’s $765. In Kentucky, it’s $725 for women and $787 for men.

The answer for why women pay less on average for car insurance than men is as vast as the actual differences

Who Are The Safest Drivers Men Or Women

Who Are the Safest Drivers? Men or Women

In the battle of men versus women’s skills behind the wheel the women win. Before gloating too much, it’s important to note that the race is still pretty close, and men might still have plenty of room to brag.

InsWeb.com took a recent sampling of almost 2 million consumers who requested auto insurance quotes since January 1, 2009. Of those 2 million, 52 percent were men and 48 percent were women, which provided a solid sample of each gender to determine which one had the better driving records.

The research compared men

Cost Of Traffic Tickets

The True Cost of Traffic Tickets

Everyone knows the dread when you look in the rear view mirror and see red and blue lights right behind you. But when travelers hit the road whether for a road trip or going to the office, experts agree most drivers do not realize just how much getting pulled over can cost them.

The cost of traffic tickets vary by location, infraction, and other variables such as whether you are wearing a seatbelt, your age, etc. Traffic offenses in most states have a range for fines which can be anywhere from

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