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Dangers Of Driving Uninsured

Dangers of Being an Uninsured Motorist

Insurance is defined as the “secure payment of sum of money in event of or against loss of or damage or injury to property, life, person, etc.” It makes perfect sense to insure ourselves or our property because things can happen to people and property. It is reckless not protect ourselves in the case of an accident or theft. However, not everyone agrees.

In the USA, 1 out of 7 drivers are uninsured. In the state of Kentucky 18% of drivers are uninsured, and that number has been on the rise.


Tips To Avoid A Car Crash

7 Tips to Avoid an Auto Accident

Auto accidents can often be prevented by taking precautions and using just a bit of common sense. The next time you’re out on the road following these 7 tips can help you avoid a collision with another vehicle.

1. Avoid miscellaneous activities:

Many accidents take place because of the driver is involved in miscellaneous distractions. Make sure, when you drive you should only concentrate on your driving. Diverting your attention towards other activities while driving could be harmful not only for you but also for the passengers accompanying you.

2. Maintain a safe

Choosing An Auto Insurance Deductible

How to Choose Your Car Insurance Deductible

One of the first decisions to make when transferring, reviewing, or signing a new auto insurance policy is the deductible decision. Most consumers understand that the higher deductible, the lower the monthly payment and the lower the deductible the higher the payment. Therefore, few consumers spend a lot of time considering their auto insurance deductible and will choose the cheapest option available. However, the deductible decision is an important factor in the cost and usefulness of an auto insurance policy.

Auto Insurance Deductibles

By definition, an auto insurance deductible is the amount

Insurance For College Students

Before You Send Them Off to College, Review Your Insurance

When sending a child off to college, the checklists (and the costs) seem never-ending. Between tuition, textbooks, rent, bedding, housewares, and luggage, many parents forget insurance.

Insurance needs are often overlooked in the last-minute scramble. But relying on existing coverage – or a lack of it – can end up costing families during the college years and perhaps beyond. While parents don’t necessary need additional or specialty coverage for a child going to college, it is important to review their current policies to ensure they are covered.

Auto Insurance Review

Think twice

Before You File A Claim

Read This Before You File a Claim

After the dust settles when you’ve had a car accident or loss to your home or your business, it’s time to call the insurance company. Many consumers have multiple questions about filing an insurance claim like how much it will cost, will their premiums increase, and what are the negative consequences of filing a claim? These are all perfectly legitimate questions and there are many factors that play into each claim on a policy. Specifics should be discussed with your insurance agent, but we’ve provided a quick checklist to review

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