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What Does Home Business Insurance Cover

Home Business Insurance 101

A recent MSN study found that the Number One job in the country is working from home. For many of those who enjoy working from home, they are starting, operating, and growing their own business. An estimated 12 million Americans operate a full-time or part-time business from their home, and that number is growing each year. Entrepreneurs are a very specific brand of people who are often savvy, smart, and creative, but often neglect to purchase home business insurance.

Homeowner’s insurance is not enough. Home business insurance is absolutely necessary to

Review Your Insurance Policy

Why You Should Review Your Insurance Policies Annually

When the bill comes in the mail to pay your insurance premiums, this should trigger a knee-jerk reaction to review your policy. Insurance policies are living documents, which means they can be changed to accommodate changes in your lifestyle or circumstances. Many consumers don’t understand what coverage they have, and could be spending more than they need. Reviewing your insurance premiums should be done annually, just like getting a physical or going to the dentist. Failure to do so could result in more headaches down the road.

For Home

When your homeowners

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