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Health Insurance For College Graduates

Health Insurance for College Graduates

1. Credits complete? Check

2. Cap and gown? Check

3. Diploma? Check

4. Health insurance? Probably not.

Graduation season is also the time to check to be sure your college grad still has adequate health insurance coverage. Many college graduates are at risk because they are no longer covered under the university’s health insurance plan, they don’t have a job yet with benefits, and they may have aged out of their parents’ health insurance policy.

Even though new mandates require that insurance companies cover children until they reach the

Cost Of Being Uninsured

The High Cost of Being Uninsured

Todd was a healthy, twenty-seven year old single male who had just started his own engineering business. He figured he wouldn’t need health insurance until he got older or got married. Then he had an accident while hang-gliding with his buddies. The resulting major injuries hospitalized him for weeks and put his business and his livelihood in danger.

We never plan on getting sick, but our personal health and the health of our family is often beyond our control. A severe infection, a car accident, a broken arm during a basketball

Shopping for Health Insurance Coverage

Shopping for Health Insurance Coverage

It is happening to millions of Americans—you suddenly find yourself without health insurance perhaps because you have lost your job, changed employment, lost benefits at your current job or are self-employed. Navigating the insurance world to find what options are available, what companies can provide for you and what plans best suit your needs can be overwhelming. Here, the adage of comparing apples to apples really applies. Make sure you are comparing equal factors when shopping for health insurance.

Types of Health Insurance Coverage Available

There are basically four

Individual Health Insurance When Your Self Employed

Individual Health Insurance When Your Self Employed

Why is retired NBA star Adrian Dantley working as a crossing guard in Montgomery County, Maryland, earning a mere $14,685 annually? The 58 year-old Hall of Famer who played mostly for the Utah Jazz and coached for the Denver Nuggets during his stellar basketball career, admits he doesn’t need the income, but Dantley, like millions of Americans, is working primarily for the healthcare benefits that his new employer provides.

Health Insurance for the Self-Employed

These days, healthcare is a chief concern for Americans and self-employed individuals rank worry over

Health Insurance And Alternative Medicine

Health Insurance and Alternative Medicine

My grandmother used to say that a tablespoon of Whiskey in a bottle cures colicky babies. My mother always tells me that chamomile tea is the best sleep aid. For many, these old wives tales are passed from generation to generation and are often very helpful. Tried and true home remedies often do the trick for common everyday ailments, but some take the science of alternative medicine to an entirely different level. Unfortunately, many of these alternative therapies are not covered by health insurance policies, so it’s important to

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