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Considering Cobra Insurance

Considering COBRA Insurance

With unemployment at an all-time high across the country, families in all areas have lost their health insurance. Today, losing a job means more than a loss of income, for most families their health coverage is through an employer’s plan, and without an employer, the options are limited.

What is COBRA?

COBRA stands for Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act. This provides a way for former employees, retirees, spouses, former spouses, and dependent children to continue receiving health coverage at a discounted or group rate even after employment is terminated. This helps to

7 Simple Ways to Save on Individual Health Insurance

7 Simple Ways to Save on Individual Health Insurance

With unemployment at an all time high, many Americans are forced into finding an alternate solution for health insurance benefits. For those who don’t have an employer-sponsored health plan, individual coverage is the next option. Individual health coverage can be extremely expensive if you do not choose carefully. So, we’ve provided this checklist of ways to ensure you are getting the absolute best deal on your health insurance coverage.

1. Raise Your Deductible

This is especially applicable to individuals who are relatively healthy (i.e. do not have any chronic illness and are

A Healthier Workplace Benefits Everyone

A Healthier Workplace Benefits Everyone

January is the time for New Years resolutions. One of the most common resolutions is a goal to lose weight. Year after year, people make a goal to eat better, exercise more, or finally get into those skinny jeans. For most, the self-motivation and resolve dwindle by mid-February. So, there is another option that might increase the incentive to lose weight.

“Dieting for dollars” is a common program utilized by employers to encourage workers to slim down. This workplace version of the Biggest Loser offers rewards to those who lose such

Reasons Why You Need Individual Health Insurance

4 Reasons Why You Need Individual Health Insurance

With the insurance industry mixing with the political industry, it can make policies, premiums, and patients a problem. The reality is that 47 million Americans were without health insurance in 2006 according to the U.S. Census. That means nearly one-sixth of the entire population are uninsured, and nearly 80 percent of those are because they are unemployed. Investing in an individual health insurance policy, even if you are employed may be the most affordable way to keep yourself properly insured both now and in the future. Check into these basic



It can be a confusing process and a frustrating experience to choose a suitable health insurance plan for you and your family. Regardless of whether you’re offered a group plan through your employer, or you’re working through an individual policy, it’s easy to get confuse between co-pays, deductibles, primary care physicians, HMOs and PPOs. Proper health insurance is crucial to protect yourself and your finances, but what’s the difference and what coverage do you need?

Health insurance protects individuals and families from having the responsibility of paying thousands of dollars in

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