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Finding Affordable Individual Health Plans

Individual Health Insurance: Finding Affordable Plans

Finding individual health insurance can be a rough road for some. Individual health coverage is a plan which is provided to individuals rather than to employers or organizations. The healthcare industry is nearly entirely dominated by group and employee health plans, which often times makes it difficult to find an affordable and decent individual plan for you and your family.

According to the National Association of Health Underwriters, only 5 percent of Americans get their health coverage from an individual health insurance policy. For those without the option of an employer’s

Buying Individual Health Insurance

Tips for Buying Individual Health Insurance

The game with health insurance is strength in numbers. When you are part of a group health insurance plan, you can expect lower premiums and often better coverage. However, there are plenty of Americans today who do not have this option. Whether because of unemployment, self-employment, or companies cutting back benefits, millions of individuals are left to find individual health insurance. These families may be shocked to find out how much an annual policy will cost them.

A health insurance plan not tied to workplace benefits is referred to as an

Healthy Employees Are Happy Employees

Group Health Insurance for Small Businesses

For small businesses, group health insurance is a big step. It is a large financial commitment, but opens the employee field and makes employment more appealing for workers. While group health insurance does provide a guarantee of coverage for all of the full-time employees, it often comes with a price-tag that is difficult for many small businesses to justify. Group health plans remain one of the most important factors of employment across the country and if you can find a plan that works for your business it can give you

Insurance For College Students

Before You Send Them Off to College, Review Your Insurance

When sending a child off to college, the checklists (and the costs) seem never-ending. Between tuition, textbooks, rent, bedding, housewares, and luggage, many parents forget insurance.

Insurance needs are often overlooked in the last-minute scramble. But relying on existing coverage – or a lack of it – can end up costing families during the college years and perhaps beyond. While parents don’t necessary need additional or specialty coverage for a child going to college, it is important to review their current policies to ensure they are covered.

Auto Insurance Review

Think twice

Medicare Vs Medicaid

What Is the Difference between Medicare and Medicaid?

Medicare and Medicaid were both enacted by congress in 1965, and that is where their similarities end. Despite their near-identical names, these two programs are intended for two very different groups of people. While some may be eligible for both programs, it is important to know the differences between the two in order to get the benefits and coverage you may be entitled to.


Medicare eligibility is not based on income; it is available to all citizens over the age of 65. It is also available to younger persons based on

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