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Dont Be Underpaid for Your Homeowners Insurance Claims

Don’t Be Underpaid for Your Homeowners Insurance Claims

When devastating events occur, homeowners find themselves in a whirlwind of emotion. Recuperating, planning, rebuilding, and coping with loss is overwhelming. For many, the challenge of ensuring they are getting the full compensation from the insurance policy is difficult.

Unfortunately, underpaying claims happens. It is why policyholders need to understand their policy completely. Many policyholders have little understanding of the nuances of their coverage and when windows are shattered, roofs cave in, or a family barely escapes a fire, most homeowners just want to deal with the emergency and

Mobile Home Insurance

Mobile Home Insurance

With over 1200 mobile home parks in the state of Kentucky, it is clear that residents here see the value in living in mobile or manufactured housing. While mobile home insurance has some similarities to traditional homeowners insurance, there are some notable differences because of the unique needs and concerns of a mobile home.

Types of Coverage

There are two basic types of mobile home insurance coverage: personal liability and physical damage. These are very similar to the coverage options with traditional homeowners.

Personal liability protects you as the

Start off the New Year with Complete Protection

Start off the New Year with Complete Protection

The New Year is the perfect time to start fresh, renew resolutions, and make a goal. Start this New Year with peace of mind by taking on a new tradition.

Experts recommend that policyholders review their policies at least once a year. Throughout the year, there may be changes in the company policies, procedures, or coverage limits. There may be changes in your own life which require you to change your coverage.

Each year, reading through your homeowners, auto, and life insurance policies is the best way to ensure

The Top Don’ts of Home Insurance Claims

The Top Don’ts of Home Insurance Claims

When disaster strikes, many homeowners work off of pure adrenaline and emotion when filing and dealing with homeowner’s claims. From a leaky pipe to a four-alarm fire, it is important to deal with insurance claims correctly in order to receive a fair settlement. Here are some of the most basic mistakes to avoid when filing an insurance claim.

Don’t Be Vague:

Saying, “My TV is busted” does not give the insurance company adequate information to provide coverage.  Your insurer needs to know exactly what has been damaged or stolen.

Storm Insurance Tips to Protect Your Home

Storm Insurance Tips to Protect Your Home

When Mother Nature rears her ugly head, violent storms can tear apart homes, families, and neighborhoods. Being the victim of a violent storm can be a terrifying experience. From hurricanes, torrential rain, wind, or hail, violent storms can occur anytime at nearly anywhere in the country.

Without adequate coverage, storm damage can leave you with no way to pay for repairs to your home. Unfortunately for many, this means they are still making mortgage payments on a destroyed home. To avoid this situation, it is crucial to carry adequate

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