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9 Things Home Insurance Doesn’t Cover

9 Things Home Insurance Doesn’t Cover

Sometimes knowing what is not included in your policy is just as important as knowing what is included in your policy. Experts in the insurance industry recommend evaluating your homeowner’s insurance policy at least once a year, but between the fine print and tiny typeface, it can be difficult to truly see what is covered, and more importantly, what is not. The sheer length of many insurance policies may fool you into thinking that you are covered. After all, a dozen or more pages of coverage ought to cover

Remodeling Your Policy


An update to your home often means updating your insurance policy to match your new space. Weekend warriors are often eager to remodel the kitchen or renovate a bathroom, but forget that those new stainless steel appliances require higher insurance coverage, and that jetted tub needs to be included in the policy as well.

Before Demolition

Prior to making any renovations, it is always recommended to contact your local insurance agent and inform them of your plans. Of course, this is not to ask permission, but merely get advice,

The True Cost of Home Replacement

The True Cost of Home Replacement

If you had to create an exact replica of your home today, do you know how much it would cost? Perhaps you built your home several years ago and property values have doubled in your area. No doubt the prices of labor and materials have increased since the original purchase. If you insured your home for the original purchase price, chances are, it is not enough.

Many home insurance policies include a home replacement cost coverage that is similar to the amount on the mortgage. Mortgage lenders require homeowners

Condo Owner Insurance 101

Condo Owner Insurance 101

Many young people and retirees choose condo living because of its easiness, inexpensive monthly price tag, and minimal upkeep. Condos are a unique investment and therefore require a unique form of home insurance. While most condos owners have a minimal amount of insurance through their condo association, but additional coverage may be needed to protect your personal belongings.

Condo Insurance vs. Homeowners Insurance

Condo owner insurance is also referred to as “Homeowners Form 6” or “unit-owner” insurance. The major difference between condo owner insurance and homeowners insurance is that

What Does Home Business Insurance Cover

Home Business Insurance 101

A recent MSN study found that the Number One job in the country is working from home. For many of those who enjoy working from home, they are starting, operating, and growing their own business. An estimated 12 million Americans operate a full-time or part-time business from their home, and that number is growing each year. Entrepreneurs are a very specific brand of people who are often savvy, smart, and creative, but often neglect to purchase home business insurance.

Homeowner’s insurance is not enough. Home business insurance is absolutely necessary to

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