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Insuring Your Jewelry

Insuring Your Jewelry

For many young men, the engagement ring is one of the first large purchases made. Jewelry that is inherited from past generations or even newly purchased additions to a jewelry collection may be irreplaceable. These are just a few examples where jewelry insurance is an important avenue to consider in order to protect these items. For any couple or individual with jewelry that has high material or sentimental value, an insurance policy is simply a way of honoring not just their financial value but what they represent.

There are a few

Home Insurance Claims After Natural Disaster

Homeowners Insurance Claims After a Natural Disaster

When images of destroyed homes, living rooms in flames or neighborhoods underwater flash across the television screen, viewers look with empathy and sadness. But what happens after the television crews leave? Do the homeowner’s insurance companies just start writing checks? What if your insurance agent’s home and office were destroyed in the disaster also?

When hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf, it destroyed everything in its path. In addition to countless homeowners, the storms destroyed businesses including many agents’ homes, offices and insurance claims centers. When a natural disaster such as this

How Safe Are Home Safes

Are Safes Really the Safest Choice?

With an increase of uncertainty, identity theft and economic crisis, many homeowners and consumers take matters into their own hands to ensure security. For this reason, the sale of home safes are on the rise. They are no longer simply a grey steel box, but many of them are designed as books cases, common household items or pieces of art.

People are stashing their cash, valuables, firearms, and jewelry in home safes for a variety of reasons. Some have lost trust in banks, some prefer to have a reserve of cash

Before You File A Claim

Read This Before You File a Claim

After the dust settles when you’ve had a car accident or loss to your home or your business, it’s time to call the insurance company. Many consumers have multiple questions about filing an insurance claim like how much it will cost, will their premiums increase, and what are the negative consequences of filing a claim? These are all perfectly legitimate questions and there are many factors that play into each claim on a policy. Specifics should be discussed with your insurance agent, but we’ve provided a quick checklist to review

Protect Your Home With Flood Insurance

Do I Need Flood Insurance?

Water damage is one of the most common reasons people make claims on their home insurance, but unfortunately, not all water damage is covered by the basic homeowner’s policy.

“Water damage and homeowners policies can be a volatile issue in many ways,” says Don Griffin, vice president of personal lines at the Property Casualty Insurers Association of America, a trade group. “Generally, the damage caused by water will be covered, but whatever causes the damage — say a leaking dishwasher hose — may not be.”

Homeowners insurance policies are generally very specific

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