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Lower Term Life Insurance Rates

5 Tips for Lower Term Life Insurance Rates

Term life insurance policies are generally the cheapest form of insurance. Especially when bought for individuals who are young and healthy, it’s hard to beat the already lowest life insurance rates out there. However, there are ways to make a cheap term life policy even cheaper.

#1: Lock It In
Many young people don’t even consider life insurance, which is mistake #1. For those who think that life insurance is only for aging adults, think again. Term life insurance rates are very affordable for young people, and it is very possible to

Insurance For College Students

Before You Send Them Off to College, Review Your Insurance

When sending a child off to college, the checklists (and the costs) seem never-ending. Between tuition, textbooks, rent, bedding, housewares, and luggage, many parents forget insurance.

Insurance needs are often overlooked in the last-minute scramble. But relying on existing coverage – or a lack of it – can end up costing families during the college years and perhaps beyond. While parents don’t necessary need additional or specialty coverage for a child going to college, it is important to review their current policies to ensure they are covered.

Auto Insurance Review

Think twice

How To Use Life Insurance Money

How Should You Use Money from Life Insurance Policies

After the crowds have left and the flowers have wilted, family members are left to answer, “What do we do with the life insurance money?” When loved ones pass away, those left behind are responsible to pick up the pieces. Life insurance is designed to help and support the family after a death. But in between funeral arrangements, and the emotional roller coaster of losing a loved one, many individuals are not in a suitable frame of mind to be making long-term financial decisions. We’ve put together a simple guide

Review Your Insurance Policy

Why You Should Review Your Insurance Policies Annually

When the bill comes in the mail to pay your insurance premiums, this should trigger a knee-jerk reaction to review your policy. Insurance policies are living documents, which means they can be changed to accommodate changes in your lifestyle or circumstances. Many consumers don’t understand what coverage they have, and could be spending more than they need. Reviewing your insurance premiums should be done annually, just like getting a physical or going to the dentist. Failure to do so could result in more headaches down the road.

For Home

When your homeowners

Insurance For Women

Insurance for Women

Most women worry more about being sure their kids have health insurance, their husbands have life insurance and a decent retirement plan, and their families are covered with auto insurance, but few actually look at the insurance needs of themselves.

Women are characterized most often by caring about those around them before focusing on the needs of their own. Unfortunately, this leaves them at a higher risk than any other demographic.

It is crucial for women to ask questions and be involved in large and small financial decisions that affect the family

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