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The Importance of Motorcycle Insurance

The Importance of Motorcycle Insurance

Because of the inherent risks that come with driving a motorcycle, insurance coverage should be a no-brainer. Unfortunately, for many bikers, insurance is left by the wayside resulting in devastating consequences.

Here are a few of the startling statistics that make it easy to see why motorcycle insurance is crucial, even for seasonal or occasional riders:

1. Rates of Death: The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that 4,798 motorcyclists died in crashes in 2006.

2. Rates of Injury: The National Safety Council estimates a motorcycle accident that causes

Theft Protection with Comprehensive Motorcycle Insurance

If you prefer riding on two wheels instead of four, and enjoy feeling the sun on your face and the wind in your hair, you might want to double check your insurance policy.

The rate of motorcyclists on the roads is increasing each year. Some prefer the commute on a motorcycle as an enjoyable alternative to a car. Other want to save money on gas and so they opt to drive a motorcycle or scooter around town. Many enjoy avoiding traffic and spotting easy parking. With motorcycles becoming more

5 Ways to Save on Motorcycle Insurance

5 Ways to Save on Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycles are becoming a more common part of the daily commute for many drivers. When the weather is right, motorcycles provide an alternative and more gas-efficient option than the typical sedan. Motorcycles also cut commute times down because of their ability to utilize the carpool or commuter lanes and park in small spaces.

Upon purchasing a motorcycle, it is important to be sure you maintain adequate motorcycle insurance. Because a motorcycle is cheaper to operate and cheaper to maintain than a vehicle, it is also cheaper to insure. However,

Before You File A Claim

Read This Before You File a Claim

After the dust settles when you’ve had a car accident or loss to your home or your business, it’s time to call the insurance company. Many consumers have multiple questions about filing an insurance claim like how much it will cost, will their premiums increase, and what are the negative consequences of filing a claim? These are all perfectly legitimate questions and there are many factors that play into each claim on a policy. Specifics should be discussed with your insurance agent, but we’ve provided a quick checklist to review

Motorcycle Insurance

Why Motorcycle Insurance Is Important

No one understands the worries and heavy bills that come with a motorcycle accident better than bike riders. Motorcyclists should take great care each time they step on their bike not only for their own life, but also to protect damage to their motorcycle.

Unfortunately, not all motorcyclists exercise their hobby with caution and even the most careful riders are subject to other drivers on the road. Because of these two factors, it is always suggested to have a motorcycle insurance to protect riders and their bikes.

Motorcycle insurance is intended to

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