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Insuring the Help

Insuring the Help

Whether you have the occasional household cleaning, or live-in home help, it is important to ensure that your hired household help is as protected as you are. The type of coverage depends on the nature of the employee.

Types of Home Help

There are several different types of household help that you may choose to hire, or may currently have working in your home. If you need nursing care, you have a registered nurse come to your home daily for home healthcare.

If you are recovering from a recent surgery or accident, you

Why Do You Need Umbrella Insurance

What Is an Umbrella Insurance Policy?

On a rainy day, people break out their umbrellas to protect themselves from the negative and cold effects of being wet. An umbrella insurance policy is very similar. When it starts to pour and tragedy brings negative effects to you and your family, an umbrella insurance policy is designed to protect from the effects of turmoil.

When it starts to drizzle outside, an umbrella is not necessary, and even in a downpour, some people prefer to run through the storm head first or hold a newspaper over their head. Similarly, an

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