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Insuring the Help

Insuring the Help

Whether you have the occasional household cleaning, or live-in home help, it is important to ensure that your hired household help is as protected as you are. The type of coverage depends on the nature of the employee.

Types of Home Help

There are several different types of household help that you may choose to hire, or may currently have working in your home. If you need nursing care, you have a registered nurse come to your home daily for home healthcare.

If you are recovering from a recent surgery or accident, you

Workers Compensation Insurance

Reducing Workers Compensation Claims

Workers’ compensation fraud can be very costly for employers. Many employers believe that by simply purchasing workers compensation insurance, they have done their due diligence and it is up to the insurance company to handle everything. This attitude is what contributes to increased costs for workers compensation insurance. Employee injuries are expensive and can be detrimental to your business. When it comes to workers’ compensation you should know what your responsibilities are to be sure you’re keeping your costs low, your employees happy, and your productivity high. You have the

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