Nearly every American will need a prescription at some point in their lives. From a simple antibiotic to a heavy regimen of Chemotherapy drugs, prescriptions are the name of the game. These prescriptions are crucial to the caring and curing of disease. A doctor who offers a prescription is offering a solution, an option, a method of relief or solution.

Five Ways to Save on Prescription Drug CostsUnfortunately, fewer people are able to afford their medication because of the rising costs of healthcare. In fact, a study by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that 29% of people have gone without prescription drugs in the past two years because of cost.

These basic tips for purchasing prescription drugs can keep your costs low and ensure you get the drugs you need at an affordable price.

Shop Around

When you buy electronics or furniture, you take the time to shop several different stores and find the best price for the item you need. Why not do the same with prescription drugs? The price of a particular medicine may vary as much as much as 400% between pharmacies.

This means that the medication that cost you $12.00 at the pharmacy down the road may only cost you $3 at the pharmacy across the street. Before filling your prescriptions, call the local pharmacy’s to ask their price on that particular medication.

Go Generic

The name brand drugs are expensive, and generic drugs can get the job done at a fraction of the price. Generic drugs can save as much as 80% when compared to brand-name drugs. They pass the same tests by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) testing as their brand-name counterparts, so they are safe and effective.

Often, when you purchase name-brand drugs, you are paying for the marketing and advertising necessary to sell the drugs. Generic brands do not have any advertising, marketing, or research to pay for, which keeps costs down.

Go Online

The local pharmacy is not your only option anymore. Online pharmacies can save you time and money. Some online pharmacies allow consumers to order a three-month supply of prescription drugs for up to 30% less than retail pharmacy costs.

Online pharmacies ship directly to your door, making it easy to order and receive your medication without even leaving the house. However, be sure that any pharmacy you work with online is U.S. based and sanctioned by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy are generally a safe bet.

Use Assistance Programs

When the cost of prescriptions gets too high, ask either your doctor or pharmacist about reduced-cost or cost-free programs. There may be governmental or private assistance programs available to offer relief.