The New Year is the perfect time to start fresh, renew resolutions, and make a goal. Start this New Year with peace of mind by taking on a new tradition.

Start off the New Year with Complete ProtectionExperts recommend that policyholders review their policies at least once a year. Throughout the year, there may be changes in the company policies, procedures, or coverage limits. There may be changes in your own life which require you to change your coverage.

Each year, reading through your homeowners, auto, and life insurance policies is the best way to ensure you are maintaining adequate insurance coverage for your needs.  All too often, policyholders receive their annual renewal notice in the mail, throw the policy in a file, and pull it out only when disaster strikes. Change this pattern by using new years as a time to renew and revise where necessary.

When reviewing your policies, here are a few key things to look for:


  • Look at your policy limits for specific personal property items such as electronics, jewelry, and collectibles.

  • Be sure your dwelling coverage covers any increase in property value, building materials, or inflation.

  • Update your home inventory to include any purchases made in the last year.

  • Review your liability coverage, especially in terms of pets, pools, or outdoor equipment.


  • Check your auto coverage to ensure that all drivers are covered, including any new teenage drivers that turned 16 in the last year.

  • If your driving habits have changed in the last year, let your insurance company know. For example, if you used to commute to work and now you work from home, your premiums may decrease.

  • Review your driving history for accuracy and to ensure that past tickets and past accidents are removed from your record as required by local laws.

  • If you have moved, even from an apartment to a house, be sure your auto insurance reflects this. If your car is now parked in a garage, rather than outside, you may be eligible for a discount.


  • Your life insurance coverage should be comparable to at least three to five times your annual income, if your income has changed in the last year, adjust your policy accordingly.

  • Be sure your life insurance policy is adequate coverage to pay off the family dwelling completely.

  • If your standard of living, debt, or obligations have increased, be sure your life insurance policy is increased as well.