Nothing ruins a good day more than seeing flashing lights behind your vehicle. Hearing those four dreaded words, ”license and registration, please” are enough to bring any day from bad to worse and can bring some people straight to tears right there on the side of the road.

License and Registration, Please Tickets and Car Insurance RatesUnfortunately, the problem of traffic tickets doesn’t end when you pull away with your pink slip in hand. The next time your auto insurance renewal comes around, you may find an increase and if you shop for car insurance, one of the first questions you will be asked is "Have you had any moving violations (tickets) in the last 3 years?"

Luckily, those who must answer 'yes,' are not alone and there are ways to save money, even with a flawed driving record. If your insurance company spikes your rates to unmanageable levels, don’t assume you can’t find a better price, even with a recent ticket. For drivers who may be paying more for moving violations in their current auto insurance policy, shopping around for a new policy could uncover significant savings.

Traffic School Savings

Depending on the nature of your violation, most states will allow you to take traffic school in exchange for a dismissal of the ticket. This is often not an option when the violation was in a construction zone, school zone, or other exceptions. But if traffic school is an option in your area, take it. It’s worth it to take the day off of work and sit in a classroom for 8 hours in order to keep the violation off of your record.

Challenge It

Another option to remove the consequences of traffic tickets is to challenge them in court. If you feel that your moving violation is not warranted and can be explained to a judge, take it up in court. Some believe that simply by making the effort to show up in court may improve the chances of getting the fines reduced or eliminated. This doesn’t necessarily mean the moving violation will be eliminated completely, although that is a possibility in some cases. If you think you have enough evidence or explanation to argue your way out of a ticket, the courtroom might prove to be a beneficial option.

Shop Around

All insurance companies statistically correlate your driving history to the likelihood of you filing an insurance claim in the future. Insurance companies want to insure safe drivers, not risky ones. A moving violation makes you a little more risky than the next driver, and therefore your rates will be higher. However, the same policy can vary by hundreds of dollars from company to company, so it’s worth it to shop around and see if another company can provide you a better price.

One ticket, Two tickets, Three tickets, four?

Having one ticket on your record is not a deal breaker, and many individuals can shop around and find a better rate even with that small blemish. With two tickets, this gets harder, and the more violations you have, the more limited your selection of insurance companies becomes. However, finding affordable car insurance in Louisville is still possible. When you have several violations, it’s time to look into specialty insurance companies who focus on insuring high risk drivers at reasonable prices. The best way to identify such companies is to compare auto insurance rates from multiple companies to find the options that are best for you.

Americans drive almost 3 trillion highway miles a year and over 35 million traffic tickets are issued each year across the country. If you find yourself with flashing lights in your rear view mirror, do everything you can to keep tickets off your record by attending traffic school or showing up in court. If you have a ticket on your record, shop around to find the best rates, and avoid any infractions in the future.