No one understands the worries and heavy bills that come with a motorcycle accident better than bike riders. Motorcyclists should take great care each time they step on their bike not only for their own life, but also to protect damage to their motorcycle.

Unfortunately, not all motorcyclists exercise their hobby with caution and even the most careful riders are subject to other drivers on the road. Because of these two factors, it is always suggested to have a motorcycle insurance to protect riders and their bikes.

Motorcycle InsuranceMotorcycle insurance is intended to protect riders and their bikes and designed to cover five major areas:

1. Medical bills for injuries to the rider – This will cover medical bills for the rider if they are injured while riding. This can include accidents that do not involve other vehicles as well as multi-vehicle collisions.

2. Property damage to the bike – This not only covers accident coverage for the bike, but also theft and vandalism coverage. Much like a vehicle, this covers everything from dents and dings to accident damage coverage.

3. Bodily injury to others injured – This is an important part of liability insurance to cover injuries caused to others. When a motorcycle is in an accident, it is generally the most damaged vehicle involved and may not cause much damage to persons, but if a motorcyclist accidentally hits a pedestrian, there could be massive liability charges.

4. Collision coverage – Collision coverage will protect the rider if they cause an accident that causes damage to other vehicles or property.

5. Comprehensive or total loss coverage – Comprehensive coverage will provide the rider with full protection and/or replacement if the bike is totaled. Bike values are determined much like car insurance values, at a depreciated blue book value. If you ride a classic bike, or a custom bike, it may be worth it to research specialized research policy that will provide a stated value policy rather than an actual cash value.

Motorcycle insurance is necessary regardless of whether you have a classic bike, a scooter, or any other motorized two-wheeler.

In addition to road bike accidents, there are many other risks that affect bike riders such as vandalism, an attempt of theft, or flooding, etc. Therefore, it is clear that a motorcycle insurance policy is something necessary to ensure safe ownership and riding. In addition to the protection it provides, motorcycle insurance may be mandatory by state regulations, so it is important to check the policies in your state to see if motorcycle insurance is required.

Apart from this, riders should never take to the road recklessly or under the influence. Insurance is a protection, but your life and the life of others is always more important.